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Karma Firewall app lets you take control back of your phone and block internet traffic to and from specific apps. This is a simple yet powerful firewall with an easy to use intuitive GUI which allows you to protect your sensitive data.

Ever wondered why lots of apps that have no need for Internet access require Internet Permissions? Its usually either to display adverts or send your sensitive data back to servers in USA, China or Russia. Karma Firewall can block this traffic and protect your personal data. You do not need any technical skills to use, no complicated IP Addressing, Ports, Packet Filtering etc. Simply select the apps you want to block, and you are protected.

Karma Firewall is the safest, most trusted Android Firewall. Karma FW is completely different from all other VPN Firewalls. Karma FW requires NO Internet permissions. Without permissions CANNOT send any data anywhere. We intercept no allowed traffic. The ONLY permission Karma FW requires is start on boot!




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Application permissions

Karma FW app requires no internet permissions! No data or information about you or your phone will ever be sent back to servers in China, Russia or the USA. In fact the app only requires the start on boot permission. This is fully configurable. If you tell the app not to start on boot, it will not start on boot. No other firewall on the market requires so few permissions.

Permission Required Very Good Reason
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED Restart service on boot. Totally optional, start on boot is turned off until you enable it.


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