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Import your CSV contacts from your favourite desktop client without any evil cloud syncing. Multi-language fully supported including all common localised codepages (from US & Westen Europe to Eastern Europe to China and Japan) and also UTF, so you get your contact information exactly how it should be on the phone.



Ever wanted to import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook onto your phone with a few simple clicks? Or wanted to quickly transfer your contacts from one Android phone to another? Then this app is your answer!

Ever wanted to import your contacts to your Android phone but did not trust Google Contacts or other cloud contact solutions, then this is the app for you. This app requires no Internet permissions or access and keeps your contacts data private.

Account - dddd

Note this is a one way import from your authorative CSV file. Contacts are imported onto a new account "My Contacts"|owned by the app. If you uninstall the app this account and contacts contained within it will be deleted. The idea is you leave the app on the phone, it does not run or use any resources when not being used. And use the app again to reimport the CSV when it changes. It is also recommended that you take backups and exports, and save outide the app.


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Import Contacts

Import contacts from Excel CSV files with over 100 field mappings available. Popular address books formats fully supported to easily get your contacts from Microsoft Outlook and other applications onto your phone. Even has custom mapping features to give you full control over which contact fields you want to import on your phone

Your imported Android contacts are kept on your phone and never synced with any Cloud service ever. With this app you will never have to give your contacts to Google, Yahoo, or any other Cloud service again. No need to install any sync bloatware programs on your PC. Your contacts will remain confidential to you

Backup and Recovery

Full backup and recovery of your imported Android contacts so that you will never lose your important contacts ever again. You can conveniently share backups to keep your valuable contacts safely in a secure place off the phone or use a backup to easily transfer your contacts to another Android phone

Export Contacts

Export Android contacts from any account on the phone to an Excel CSV file for saving safely and securely.

Delete Contacts

Delete single, select multiple, or mass delete all Android contacts quickly from any account on the phone. Delete Android contact groups also fully supported

Easily clean up contact messes in any account on the phone which may have been made by other apps!

View Contacts

View Android contacts in any account on the phone and understand what other apps are adding to your phone!

Logs and Help

Comprehensive logging so you will never be scratching your head wondering why an import did not work as you wanted, or CSV fields are mismatched.

Responsive developers keen to add new features and fix any issues.

Application permissions

This app requires no internet permissions. Your contacts will never be shared and will always remain fully in your control. See below for a list and explanation of the permissions required by this app

Please try the lite version first which gives you all the features but limits them to 50 contacts. It does not have any annoying ads. If you buy the paid app then you get all these great features with no limits and tested up to 5000 contacts. There are no in-app purchases and all future additions will be free.

Find accounts on device android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS Needed to get a list of existing contacts accounts on the phone
Add or remove accounts android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS Needed to create this app's contact account "My Contacts" on the phone
Create accounts and set passwords
Use accounts on this device
Access and view contacts in other accounts on the phone
Read sync statistics
Read sync settings
toggle sync on and off
All needed to create and manage a sync adaptor used to read and write contacts to this app's "My Contacts" contact account
Read your contacts android.permission.READ_CONTACTS Needed to read contacts from any contacts account on the phone
Modify your contacts android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS Needed to write contacts to this app's contact account "My Contacts" on the phone
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Needed to save contact backup and export files to the SD card
Modify system settings
Test access to protected storage
android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS Need to save this app's preferences
Prevent phone from sleeping android.permission.WAKE_LOCK Needed to when processing a large number of contacts when the app is in the background. Released immediately when no longer required.


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